About Me

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The Aim & Joy of my work...

is to help people find Harmony, Peace and Confidence within themselves so that they are able to freely express their Creativity and Truth. This is achieved by teaching you how to expand your vocal techniques in Singing or Speaking.

I originally trained and worked as an actress and a singer. In 1986 I trained with Lily Cornford and Ronald Leach in Mental Colour Healing, and worked as a healer at the Maitreya Healing Centre in London. I now live in the West Country and work with the voice helping people to express themselves in a clearer and more confident way. For further enquires I can be contacted on 01373 451091 or email me on amandarelph71@gmail.com

Curriculum Vitae

 Career as an Actress 1957 - 1980:
Trained Royal Academy of Dramtic Art, in speech, drama, and singing.
Worked as a professional actress in theatre, TV, and films.
Married Simon Relph 1963 - Alexander Relph born 1967 - Arabella Relph born 1975

Author of:
"Harmonious Kitchien" - Cookbook (1980)
"There Are More Ways Than One" - Self Help and Healing (2013)
"Hip Hip Hooray, I Love Today" - Reflections on a hip operation (2014)
"Mindfulness for Children" - Self Help (2015)

Trained in Painting & Sculpture 1984 - 1987:
Camden Insitute - Foundation Art and Design 1984 - 1987

Training in Complementary Therapy 1988 - Present:
Qualified as a spiritual healer using Mental Colour Therapy with Lily Conrford 1988 - 1990
Metamorphic Technique with Monica Antony 1990
Healing Hypnotherapy Certification 1991
Overtone Singing with Marianne Wex 1993
Transpersonal Workshops I, II and III, with Ian Gordon Brown
Certification in Zero Balancing with Fritz Smith 1992 - 1994
Completed Counselling for Healers at Runnings Park1992
Certified in Process Acupressure with Aminah Raheen 2004

Healing Experience:
Worked at the Maitreya Healing Centre, in London under Lily Cornford
1988 - 1995 where I was healer in charge for two days a week and led the
Distant Healing Group
Founded the Calcite Centre in Wiltshire, where I practised Zero Balancing,
Process Acupressure, Colour and Sound Healing, and taught individuals to sing.

Teaching and Lecturing Experience:
Maitreya Healing Centre - Colour Healing
St James, Piccadilly - Lecture on Colour and Sound
Naples, Italy - Colour and Sound Healing course
College of Psychic Studies - Sound and Healing workshops
Redwood Centre, Surrey - Colour and Sound Healing
Mickleton House, Chipping Camden - Find Your Voice
Caduceus Sound Healing Workshop - London
Developed a young person's healing training course
I led "Find Your Voice" and "Sound Healing" workshops